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2-7/16" Wide Molding

2-7/16" Wide Black (Gloss) Body Side Molding Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # FD02-02
2-7/16" Wide Black / Chrome Body Side Molding Sold in 20 foot rolls, Trim Gard® # FD97-02-20

For all the work you put in to keep your car in great shape, it can be undone an instant by one careless driver. We at Brandsport know how hard it is to keep your ride looking pristine when there are so many things that can happen to scuff, scratch and dent its exterior. This is especially worrisome for larger vehicles and why we carry 2-7/16 inch protective automotive molding. Simple to install and coming in a variety of colors, this protective auto trim will enhance your vehicle's appearance and give you peace of mind. Brandsport has been in business for 15 years and is known for customer service and quality. Get your 2-7/16 inch auto trim today.