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2-1/4" Wide Molding

2-1/4" Wide Chrome Body Side Molding Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # 9001-01
2-1/4" Wide Black-Chrome Body Side Molding Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # 9002-01

Brandsport knows how much time and effort you put into keeping your vehicle shiny and looking new. It only takes one moment to undo all of that work with a careless driver sideswiping your vehicle. A larger size vehicle is a bigger target. Repairs for scratches can be expensive and what's to stop it from happening again? Preventative measures are always the best bet and in order to avoid scratches and dings from happening to your car, Brandsport offers 2-1/2 inch protective automotive molding. Simple to install and cost effective, this protective trim comes in a variety of colors and will keep your auto looking its best. Brandsport is known for quality and customer service. Get your molding today.