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Fender & Wheel Trim Molding

Choose your Fender Trim below and add protection and style to your car today!

Looking for the latest fender trim for trucks, cars or your new RV? Our fender molding will help not only protect your ride but can also help keep it or to make it look original? Interested in adding some chrome wheel well trim or even chrome fender trim molding to match the chrome accents already on your car? Brandsport currently offers a wide range of fender trim molding in many different styles including half moon, tapered, contoured, low profile, and more. No matter what type of arch molding or fender molding you are looking for, you have come to the right place!

1/8" Wide Chrome Trim Molding Sold by the Foot, Cowles® # 37-032
1/4" Wide Fender Trim Molding
 9/32" Wide Fender Trim Molding
Half Moon
Half Moon
Low Profile
1/2" Wide Black / Chrome Wheel Molding Trim Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # BV01
7/16" Wide Black / Chrome Wheel Molding Trim Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # R102
Black Fender Flare Molding Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # MHA-TPE
Wheel Trim Molding

Installing custom chrome wheel well trim is an extremely simple step in making your ride match your personality. For example, take a look at our 7/16” tapered fender trim molding from Trim-Gard. Available in black, chrome, or even gold, these pieces would customize the look of your vehicle in just a few minutes. Interested in fender trim for trucks but worried you won’t have enough from a car kit? Don’t worry as our Trim-Gard kits and many others are sold either by the foot or in pre-cut kits for one low price.

Wheel well molding is a great way to even increase the protection for your vehicle, also. From rocks, water, and other elements found on the road, installing wheel well trim will help direct those elements away from your vehicle’s body. This type of arch molding is a simple install using pre-applied 3M backing and installs in just minutes no matter what type of vehicle you have.

One of the slickest types of chrome fender trim available is the lip style fender molding from both Cowles and Trim-Gard. This type of wheel well molding works great when you need a T-shaped channel which helps not only prevent dents and paint chips, but also offers a way to repel water away from your vehicle. Also known as arch molding, this type of wheel well molding can be had in a wide range of styles and finishes including the Trim-Gard black and chrome wheel well trim or even the Cowles gloss black fender trim for trucks, both of which could be used for any application.

Another type of fender trim molding you should consider ordering for your ride is the low profile fender molding. This type of trim is available from both Trim-Gard and Precision Trim, two of the top names in trim pieces for aftermarket applications. This type of molding could be installed almost anywhere on your vehicle, like on the bottom of your doors or even around the windows, in just a few minutes. Available in black, chrome and gold, this type of fender trim for trucks or cars is a great way to increase curb appeal.

And guess what? You can even install wheel well trim and wheel well molding on other vehicles, including recreational vehicles and trailers. Not only will these fender molding trims help add some custom touches, but arch molding will also protect the body of your recreational vehicle or goods you might be hauling on your trailer. Plus, many fender molding and fender trim for truck kits come in lengths of either one foot or five feet or more, plus we carry as much as you need in all different shapes, styles, and finishes. Arch molding and fender trim molding looks great on semi-trucks, too! Just like we stated earlier, many wheel well molding kits come in rolls of five feet like the fender trim for trucks do. Well, depending on the style, you might even get a discount if you order more than one roll, or five feet, of wheel well trim or wheel well molding.

No matter what molding you want for whichever vehicle you own, you can rely on the professionals at Brandsport to be able to find the exact wheel well trim or fender trim molding you have been looking for. We even offer one of the largest selections of arch molding and fender molding available anywhere at some of the lowest prices around. No matter which wheel well molding you might be looking for; we can even help match it to other trim pieces including door, bumper, and window trim pieces.