8-Spline Lug Nut Keys

If you want a spare or replacement 8-spline lug nut key, Brandsport.com has you covered. These 8-point lug keys are available as 7/16-inch tip lug nut keys designed to fit 8-point lug nuts and lug bolts, and as wheel lock keys that are have a larger 5/8-inch tip. Both fit 8-point socket style tuner lug kits and both feature cold forged, heat treated hardened steel construction. These lug nut keys fit most 8-point style lug nuts and they have a dual head design that fits most factory lug nut wrenches, but it is still important to match the specifications of your lug nuts with the lug nut keys to ensure a proper fit.

McGard® Lug Nut Key Small 8-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #65300
McGard® Lug Nut Key Large 8-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #65301
McGard® Lug Nut Keys Small, Large 8-Splined (Female) 2-Key Set #8-SPLINE
Excalibur® Lug Nut Key Small 8-Point (Male) Sold Individually #98-0110GA
Excalibur® Lug Nut Key Large 8-Point (Male) Sold Individually #98-0210GA
Brandsport® Lug Nut Keys Small, Large 8-Point (Male) 2-Key Set #8-Point
Brandsport® Master Wheel Lock / Lug Nut Keys 16 or 18 Piece Kit #Keys