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Hub Centric Rings

If you're tuning your ride, one of the nicest add-ons you can consider is a set of new wheels. In order to properly mount your new wheels, though, you may need a set of hub centering rings. In order to maximize the number of applications of one wheel to many different car models, the centering hole on the new wheel is larger than that of stock wheels, which is where hub centric rings come in. You could get custom-machined hubcentric rings, which would be expensive, or you can opt for a set of our hub rings, a perfect fit to mount your new wheels to your vehicle.

Hub centric rings are easy to order and come in different sizes, depending on the wheel and vehicle application. Simply place the hubcentric rings over the center of the hubs so that the tapered portion is facing outwards. When you slide the new wheel over new hub centric rings, there should be almost no clearance between the wheel and the hub centering rings. Additionally, the wheel studs should be exactly centered in the holes. Our hub rings are machined to close tolerances to assure a perfect fit.

Why would you need hubcentric rings? Besides taking up space, hub centering rings are necessary to properly mount a wheel with a different center hole diameter than the stock wheels. The weight of the vehicle rests on the hub, and stock wheels are designed to fit this hub. Without hubcentric rings, the weight of the vehicle is supported by the wheel studs, which aren't designed for the stress. Buy a set of our Gorilla Hub Centric rings to make sure that you get proper wheel centering and eliminate vibrations and possible damage.

When you buy a set of new aftermarket wheels, they typically come with a cheap set of rings, or maybe none at all, which may break, or worse, get lost. Ordering a separate set of hub rings will assure you are getting what you need to get the job done right. Really, when putting on a set of aftermarket wheels, there is no alternative to a good set of hub centering rings, and Gorilla Hub Centric rings are designed to get the job done inexpensively and easily. Make sure you know which wheels you are installing and which vehicle they are going on, then you can order the correct set of Gorilla Hub Rings for your project. There is no reason to start a restoration or upgrade project without finishing it properly with a set of hubcentric rings.

Upgrading your wheels is no different. After you've spent your hard-earned cash on some great-looking wheels and a new set of lug nuts, why would you stop before getting a set of hub centering rings to make sure they're perfectly installed? Choose to do it right and Brandsport's selection of Gorilla Hub Centric Rings are exactly what you need to get the job done right.

Buying a set of hubcentric rings isn't difficult at all. All you need to know is the measurement of your new wheel's centering hole, and the outer diameter of your vehicle's hubs. Find the two matching sizes on the Gorilla Hub Rings product list, and you're good to go. Order one set of hub centric rings for your vehicle, and you will receive a set of four precisely machined polycarbonate hub centering rings.

The best part about Gorilla Hub Rings isn't their perfect fit and function, restoring hub centering, but the fact they are so inexpensive. Hub rings may never see the light of day, but really, hubcentric rings are cheap insurance, helping you avoid problems with vibration and the inherent danger of improperly installed wheels. Buying a set of Gorilla Hub Centric Rings is easy enough and cheap enough to do, ensuring a proper wheel installation and smooth ride for years to come. Check out our large selection of wheel hub covers available in various styles and finishes.