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10mm x 1.25 Lug Nuts & Wheel Locks

(1.25mm thread spacing)

When you’re looking to get a new set of custom wheels for your ride, you need more than just right set of rims. At, we carry 10mm x 1.25 lug nuts and wheel locks that you need to fit your vehicle. With many 10mm lug nuts to choose from in our selection, including a variety of 10mm lug nuts from top brands like Gorilla, you can always be sure to find the right fit for your new or existing wheels.
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Many owners of the typical off-road beat box with the scrapes and primer and permanent dirt smears, choose high-quality standards when it comes to wheel accessories. At some point you have to care, and a savvy owner knows that point - where road-force meets horsepower. And Brandsport has chosen this selection of 10mm lug nuts from the best out there, from the far-reaching catalog of Excalibur wheel accessories and from Gorilla, a name with 35 years of history as a maker of tough, well-tested lug nuts and other automotive accessories. But don't be fooled; our 10mm lug nuts are not an accessory, they're the vital glue of your drive, whether you're representing downtown on a Saturday night or you're splitting mud and rock with breakneck maneuvers. These 10mm lug nuts are both tough and sleek. The Excalibur Black with the acorn bulge has a take-no-prisoners look with a snug seat that's all business. But you can take steps to protect your car from miscreants effectively, and one of the most cost-effective means of protection is by adding a quality set of 10mm x 1.25 Lug Nuts, but not just lug nuts, 10mm wheel locks. On black wheels these look great. But so does the rest of our selection of acorn bulge and flat-seated nuts by Gorilla, Excalibur and WCW. There's also a full selection of matching wheel studs, 10mm wheel locks, and our four-piece set of Gorilla locking nuts (key included) both made of impact resistant zinc alloy. An array of lug nut washers tailored for a precision fit allows better seating. Then snug up new hubs using our hub-centric rings. We've provided a sizing chart that matches inner to outer diameters so that you will find what you need to make your custom wheels ride true. With both locking nuts for wheels and cover locks, we help you prevent theft. Yet we carry many of the most standard lug nut keys in case you lose yours. To make things simple, buy all the little things you've got on your wheel upgrade list - we have it here, from valve stems, wrench kits, and torque wrenches to wheel care products and spare tire covers.