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14mm x 2.0 Lug Nuts & Wheel Locks

(2.0mm Thread spacing)

Are you looking to upgrade to a new set of custom wheels? Or do you just want to protect the rims you already have? Across the country, an epidemic of crime has been building slowly over the past few years – automotive wheel theft. Individual thieves and violent gangs alike have been boosting wheels and rims for reasons from status to initiation ‘rituals’, to acts of jealousy or simple desperation, as many simply sell stolen wheels for the value of their aluminum content. If you don’t have Wheel Locks securing your truck’s wheels, then the next victim might just be you.
Get your hands on the 14mm x 2.0 thread pitch Lug Nuts and wheel locks you need in a variety of seat styles to fit just about any vehicle right here. Choose your 14mm x 2.00 thread pitch lug nuts or wheel locks from the seat styles listed below!

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14mm wheel locks might be the most effective way to prevent wheel thievery. Because a would-be criminal can’t abscond with your truck’s wheels if they can’t remove them, they are a more proactive, more cost-effective strategy than expensive security systems or hidden cameras (using several theft deterrents in conjunction is, of course, the most effective way to ensure that your car is not victimized and that, if it is, the perpetrators can be apprehended quickly). At, we carry all of the essential 14mm lug nuts, wheel locks, and tools you need to complete your wheel package while ensuring you get a great fit as well as a great look.
Available in various seat styles with a 14mm x 2.0 thread pitch, our replacement lug nuts and wheels locks are the right fit for any vehicle. Choose from our selection of top brands including Gorilla, Excalibur, West Coast Wheel, CWA and more to find the right styling and design for your truck. All of our 14mm lug nuts and wheel locks are made from durable steel and are finished with superior styling so that you’ll always be sure that you get a solid, secure fit without having to sacrifice the look of your wheels. Don’t just settle for normal 14mm wheel nuts. Locking lug nuts have a special security pattern that cannot be removed without the use of a special key. To remove the nuts, just fit the key into a standard lug wrench and then remove the nuts like you normally would. Attempting to remove the wheel nuts locking your wheels in place without the proper tool can potentially strip the nuts, making them impossible to remove.
At Brandsport, we know lug nuts, and that’s why we offer only the best quality lug nuts and wheel locks from industry leaders such as Gorilla Automotive, Excalibur, Custom Wheel Accessories, West Coast Wheel and more. Made from hardened steel and designed to be unbeatable, our manufacturers stand behind each of their lug nuts. And, passing on the full manufacturers’ warranty to customers, you can be assured that Brandsport stands behind you. You can also buy spare or replacement keys for your locking wheel nuts from us, as well as many other exterior and interior auto parts and accessories. The staff and owners at Brandsport have been in the auto parts business for decades. We know the market leaders and stock only the best parts and accessories in our inventory. In addition, we’re committed to bringing you the best in customer service, right down to our no-hassle return policy.
Don’t be the next victim. Shop at Brandsport for secure 14mm Wheel Nuts & Locking Lug Nuts for your ride, and you won’t have to worry about someone walking away with the rims you spent your hard-earned money on!
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