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2" Wide Molding

Molding listed here by color with our Chrome & Black molding at the bottom of this page.

For aesthetics and resale value, you keep your larger vehicle in great shape. Sometimes, though, the unexpected happens and your pride and joy is left with damage from an unseen incident. Simple to install and inexpensive, 2 inch wide molding and protective trim from Brandsport will protect your vehicle from unexpected chips, marks and scratches that are all-too unavoidable. The larger size molding is usually for vans and trucks. Regardless of your vehicle's color and style, a protective trim will be an attractive addition and wise purchase. The value of a motor vehicle is tied into its appearance. You take care of the car, maintain it and keep it clean. A scratch, ding, dent or scrape can diminish its value greatly. Repairs are costly and time consuming. As a preventative measure, the 2 inch auto trim will give you peace of mind knowing that if a reckless or inexperienced driver comes across your vehicle, you won't be left with an unwanted souvenir. At Brandsport, we pride ourselves on great prices, extensive selection and friendly customer service. Get your 2 inch auto trim today.