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Wheel Spacers

What do you like to do on a Friday night? We're assuming that since you're at our site, that you are a car person. Do you like to cruise down the main street of your town showing off your ride? Love to take your car to auto shows? Or are you more of an off-roader? Do you love the feel of the wind whipping against your face as your tires kick up dirt? Do you look for the biggest puddle you can find just to see how high you can make the water splash? Do you plan on putting larger wheels on your vehicle so that you can better handle off-road terrain? If you are planning on larger wheels, don't forget about wheel spacers, which you can find at What Are Wheel Spacers? Wheel spacers are an important factor when it comes to tearing up the dirt paths of your favorite off-road course. As your wheels churn the mud and send it flying into the air, you need to make sure that the weight of your vehicle is appropriate for the size of your wheels. Therefore, if you have a larger truck, jeep, or other sports utility vehicle, you are going to need larger tires to compensate for the greater weight, higher speeds, and rough terrain. That's where wheel spacers come into play. Wheel spacers are thin discs that are designed to be placed between your wheel and your vehicle hub. This extra space is what is needed so that your tires don't rub against the rest of your vehicle, which can be extremely unsafe. Likewise, this space also allows your tires to turn without risk of becoming constricted. So if you want to have piece of mind while you are rumbling down a dirt road, tearing through a mud bog, or crossing over a stream, don't forget to have the right tires for the job. Also don't forget about how important wheel spacers can be in terms of safety while you’re cruising down an off-road path.

Gorilla® Silver Wheel Spacers 4-Hole (Variable) Round Sold Individually #SP601
Gorilla® Silver Wheel Spacers 4 & 5-Hole (Variable) Round Sold Individually #SP601S
Gorilla® Silver Wheel Spacers 5-Hole (Variable) Round Sold Individually #SP602
Gorilla® Silver Wheel Spacers 5 & 6 Hole (Variable) Round Sold Individually #SP603
Gorilla® Silver Wheel Spacers 8-Hole (Variable) Round Sold Individually #SP604
Gorilla® Silver Wheel Spacers 5-Hole on 100mm Round Sold Individually #SP605
Gorilla® Silver Wheel Spacers 5-Hole on 100mm Round Sold Individually #SP606

Wheel Spacers are designed to fit between the wheel and the vehicle hub to provide those few extra millimeters of offset when required for your wheel to operate safely. At Brandsport we offer you a variety of sizes for your Wheel Spacers needed for your car. When measuring for a wheel spacer, there are three sizes needed to determine the size you need. First, there is the outside diameter, which we offer from 5.7” to 8”, then there is the inside diameter, which we offer from 2.8” to 4.97”, then finally, there is the thickness which we offer 1/4”, 1/8”, 5/16”, and 5mm. There also needs to be brought into account the number of holes, which we offer 4-8 as well as, lengthened holes. If you have questions or are confused about any of these measurements we would be more than happy to help you figure it out. At Brandsport, we want to help our customers reach the highest satisfaction and get the product with the highest quality and make sure they are safe and happy with their product.  Take a look at our Wheel Spacers for sale to find the right one for your car, truck, or SUV. Spacers for wheels on your car, truck, or SUV are an important variable on your tires. If it is not the right size it could be hazardous.

Even though cars are wonderful tools that allow us to be independent and self-sufficient individuals, they can also be our largest crutch. There are many things that can go wrong with a vehicle, and when something does go wrong, our lives suddenly become difficult. Most people worry about transmissions, worn breaks, or flat tires. In fact, when considering tires most people only think of the possibility of going flat even though there are many things that can occur with tires. This is especially true as the size of the tire increases.

Customizing your vehicle is a right of passage that can be rewarding. One thing you can do to customize your ride is increase the tire size. If this is a task that you are considering undertaking, make sure that you also remember to install wheel spacers to make sure that you stay safe.

What are Car Wheel Spacers

Larger tires take up more space. A larger tire in the tire well has that possibility of rubbing against the actual disc hub, which could lead to the tire wearing prematurely and puncturing. wheel spacers are designed to help add some extra space between the disc hub and the actual tire, all while keeping the tire, rim, and hubcap safely secured to the vehicle. The car wheel spacers we carry are made by the Gorilla company. Gorilla makes their wheel spacers out of aluminum so that they are lightweight and precision matched for a perfect fit.

Save Yourself Money

Car wheel spacers not only keep you safe, but they can actually help to save you money. The larger the size of the tire, the more expensive the tire. If you don't have the tire attached properly, or you’re not using a wheel spacer, odds are good that your tire will become damaged and need to be replaced. A simple and inexpensive car wheel spacer can save you the physical and financial aggravation.

So if you want to keep yourself safe, and not have to spend extra money, consider the use of car wheel spacers, which you can find at