10-Spline Lug Nut Keys & Wheel Lock Keys

Now that you have determined that you need a 10-spline lug nut key, you have made the correct choice by visiting Brandsport.com. At Brandsport, you are guaranteed to receive high quality parts by manufacturers including Excalibur and Gorilla. For example, Excalibur’s 10-point socket style tuner lug nut key has a ¾-inch and 13/16-inch dual hex head with an outside diameter of ½-inch and an overall length of 2.4 inches. These lug nut keys will work many 10-spline lug nuts and the dual head design will fit most factory lug wrenches. There is nothing that is more frustrating that trying to remove an automobile wheel only to find out that the lug nut key is missing, is the wrong size or does not work. Before you purchase a replacement lug nut key, your nest course of action would be to look at the size of the lug nut and compare those measurements with the lug nut key. Once you make a match, it would be a good idea to buy more than one key in order to have a primary and backup key.

Bimecc® Lug Nut Key TA20-19/21 Small 10-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #79241-1
Bimecc® Lug Nut Key TA23-21/22 Large 10-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #79243-1
Bimecc® Lug Nut Keys TA20-19/21 and TA23-21/22 Small, Large 10-Splined (Female) 2-Key Set #10-SPLINE
Custom Wheel Accessories® Lug Nut Key Small 10-Point (Male) Sold Individually #6464-10
Custom Wheel Accessories® Lug Nut Key Large 10-Point (Male) Sold Individually #6664-10
Brandsport® Lug Nut Keys Small, Large 10-Point (Male) 2-Key Set #10-Point
Brandsport® Master Wheel Lock / Lug Nut Keys 16 or 18 Piece Kit #Keys