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9/16" x 18 Lug Nuts & Wheel Locks

(18 threads per inch)

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Custom wheels are always a great fit for your vehicle, especially when you’ve found that rock star style that you love. But without the right lug nuts and wheel locks, you might as well kiss that new look goodbye. At, we want to help you protect both your custom wheels and your existing rims by carrying a great selection of 9/16" lug nuts and Wheel Locks by top brands like Gorilla in the 9/16” x 18 thread pitch you need to get the right fit. Made from durable steel and finished to be stylish, high- quality Gorilla 9/16” lug nuts are known to be the best available for most rides and can offer you the security and styling you need to make your new wheels look their best. Make sure that you have everything you need to secure your existing or brand new custom wheels by trusting to provide you with the 9/16” Lug Nuts, 9/16" wheel locks, lug wrenches, and valves stems you need to complete your vehicle. With our selection and pricing, it’s a no-brainer. has what you need for your wheel studs!

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You love your car? Of course you do. You do your best to make sure that your ride runs well, looks great and keeps you safe. It takes hard work, regular maintenance and a big investment to get the best out of your car or truck, and one incident of theft or vandalism can undo it all. But you can take steps to protect your car from miscreants effectively, and one of the most cost-effective means of protection is by adding a quality set of 9/16" x 18 lug nuts, but not just lug nuts, 9/16" wheel locks.
While there are other theft and vandalism deterrents for your vehicle include steering wheel locks that affix to the steering wheel and lock it in place to prevent the car from being steered, and expensive motion-detection alarm systems. Some car owners even install IP cameras to monitor their parking area or garage as a security measure. And while all these measures may be necessary to fully protect your vehicle, simple steps like switching to our 9/16" wheel locks are a fast, cheap step that can be taken on any budget.
9/16" wheel locks are a proven way to prevent the theft of your car’s wheels or rims. Wheel locks resemble standard lug nuts, but they cannot be removed with a standard lug wrench. Each lock has a special key that must be inserted into the end of the lug wrench in order to remove it. Without the key, locking lug nuts cannot be removed successfully, and in many cases, attempts to force the nut off with the wrong key can cause stripping.
Brandsport has a comprehensive selection of 9/16" lug nuts in every imaginable style and a wide array of shapes and don't forget your 9/16" wheel locks too. We can also provide all the necessary lug nut wrenches, sockets and tools you will need including replacement keys for our wheel locks. Like all of our lug nuts, our 9/16" wheel locks come from only the best manufacturers like Excalibur, West Coast Wheel and Gorilla Automotive – a thirty year veteran of the wheel accessory industry with a reputation for high quality 9/16" lug nuts and wheel locks and a lifetime no-rust guarantee on their signature product. Combined with Brandsport’s commitment to giving you the best in customer service and a no-hassle, no-questions-asked return policy, we’re a combination that can’t be beat!
Remember, Brandsport provides the full manufacturers’ warranty on every product we sell. With decades of experience in auto parts, you can trust us with your car or truck – from body molding and trim all the way down to auto wheel locks and lug nuts.
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