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5-Spline Lug Nut Keys & Wheel Lock Keys

Replacing a flat tire can be a burden, but the job will always be made worse if you have lost or misplaced your lug nut key. Fortunately, has a large selection of 5-point lug keys in stock and ready to ship. Manufacturers such as Excaliber Wheel Accessories produce quality lug nut keys that fit most 5-spline tuner-style lug nuts. These small diameter lug nut keys have a hardened steel construction and a chrome finish. When considering the purchase of a replacement lug nut key, it is very important that you match the wheel lock key measurements with your lug nuts as these must be the same size. Purchasing replacement lug nut keys are a valuable investment as removing wheels that require lug nut keys that you do not have can be expensive. These replacement keys are also good if own a used car that did not come with a lug nut key when you bought the car.

5 Spline Lug nut key, Wheel lock key - Excalibur® # 351KEY
Master Wheel Lock / Lug Nut Keys - w/Free Case Brandsport® # Keys