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Drip Rail Molding

No matter what elements you might find you and your vehicle in, installing PVC drip rail molding or drip cap moulding will not only look great, but will also direct the water, snow, or other debris away from your windows. From the top roof drip molding manufacturers such as Trim-Gard, Brandsport offers the best available drip mold to the aftermarket automotive world.

5/8" Tall Black Drip Rail Molding Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # DR02
7/8" Tall Black Drip Rail Molding Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # WRT02
7/8" Tall Off White Drip Rail Molding Sold by the Foot, Trim Gard® # WRT44

Once you install the drip cap moulding on your truck windows, mobile home drip rails, or even Jeep door openings, the rain water and other elements will easily be directed away from the window opening. Cut to your specific length, the roof drip molding will protect your cabin and window channels from collecting unwanted water which could lead to more problems. Sold by the foot, installing a 3M drip rail molding is the perfect solution to that leaky seal along your windows.

Commonly found on hard top Jeeps, many vehicles today are using roof drip rail moulding to protect from even the smallest amount of water. If your vehicle happens to not have drip cap molding, also called automotive drip rail molding, our easy to install kits are exactly what you need. First, figure out how much PVC drip cap moulding you might need as our Trim-Gard Black 3M Drip rail molding kits are sold by the foot at some of the lowest prices around. Once you are ready to install, simply peel-n-stick the 3M adhesive strip off the back of the drip molding and place where you need it! Installation takes only minutes and your vehicle will be protected from the rain.

Even though drip cap molding and roof molding were designed for your vehicle in mind, you can use drip molding anywhere you might need to divert water from. For example, a great solution to the gutter problem you might be having is to use roof drip rail molding along the runner to help the flow of water off the roof. Also, do you sometimes see water build up on the hull of your boat? Install some drip cap moulding which will channel the water away from the buildup area.

Using roof molding on all your vehicles is a great idea, no matter where you live. As unexpected weather seems to happen more often, don’t worry about leaving your windows cracked. With PVC drip rail molding installed, the rain water will run into the drip molding and travel around your window, instead of into your vehicle. Since these are designed to work universally for any application, installation of roof molding is one of the simplest things to do.

Looking to continue the custom look that installing some PVC drip cap moulding or roof molding on your vehicle provides? We also offer matching black trim molding for any application. Just like the drip molding, our trim pieces are cut to your specific needs and install incredibly easy. Not only will your fellow drivers notice your roof molding, but they will also get a kick out of the matching trim!

No matter what vehicle you have, installing automotive drip rail molding is a sure way to help add value. Not only will your interior thank you for having drip cap moulding, others will take notice of the preventative protection you have added. Drip cap molding is such a simple solution to make sure that constant rain water does not damage your interior electronics like those power windows or even your door speakers.

We currently offer the best available drip molding available today and no matter what your needs are, you are sure to find the exact car, truck, jeep or RV drip rail molding you need here at Brandsport.