6-Spline Lug Nut Keys & Wheel Lock Keys

Many manufacturers today are producing lug nut keys with an external 6-spline pattern. This 6-spline symmetrical (evenly spaced) pattern is common in the automobile world as many customers have incorporated 6 spline lug nuts as a security measure to protect against the theft of valuable wheels and tires. An unfortunate side effect is that the 6 spline wheel lock key is often lost. Fortunately, if you need to replace your key, we have a variety of 6 spline wheel lock keys including those manufactured by Gorilla Wheel Accessories, Excalibur, Custom Wheel Accessories and more. When considering the purchase of lug nut keys, you must be sure the replacement keys will fit your application. Six spline lug nut keys are considered a small diameter key and these keys are designed to fit most 6-spline lug nuts from any manufacturer. Lug nut keys are available in a number of finishes including black matte, brushed steel and chrome. The finish is a matter of personal preference; the most important thing to remember when considering lug nut keys is that the lug key specifications must match the dimensions of your lug nuts.

Gorilla® Lug Nut Key Small 6-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #1921SDKEY
Gorilla® Lug Nut Key Large 6-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #1378SDKEY
Brandsport® Lug Nut Keys Small, Large 6-Splined (Female) 2-Key Set #6-SPLINE
Brandsport® Master Wheel Lock / Lug Nut Keys 16 or 18 Piece Kit #Keys