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This Small Diameter Lug Nut Key fits most 7-Spline Duplex (larger) Tuner Style lug nuts available from various manufacturers. Please confirm the wheel lock key measurements listed here to be sure your lug nuts are the same size.
  • Easily & safely removes your tuner lug nuts.
  • Dual head design fits most factory lug wrenches.
  • Extended length keeps your lug wrench away from your wheels to prevent scratches.
  • Cold forged, heat treated, hardened steel construction
  • Thin wall design matches your wheel lock diameter to prevent scratching your wheels
  • Dual hex head accepts 7/8" and 13/16" sockets
  • Color~BlackDrive~13/16" (21mm)||7/8" (23mm)End Type~7-Splined (Female)Finish~Matte BlackFitment~Fits large 7-Spline Lug Nuts with symmetrical (evenly spaced) external splines.Head~Dual HexInside Diameter~0.80" (51/64", 20.32mm)Length~3.5" (3-1/2", 89mm)Material~Hardened SteelOutside Diameter~0.90" (29/32", 22.86mm)Pattern~Symmetrical (Evenly Spaced)Quantity~Sold IndividuallySize~LargeThickness~0.05" (3/64", 1.27mm)(Wall)Warranty~NoneNote~Fits all standard (non-registered) Duplex (large) Style 7-Spline Tuner Lug Nuts with symmetrical (evenly spaced) splines
    Notice ! Wheel lock keys are hand tools and are not intended for use with air tools or other power tools.

    Alert ! Purchase and/or use of this item is intended for legitimate automotive service businesses or other authorized users only. Brandsport LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for the use of this product.

    Fits Large 7-Spline Lug Nuts & Lug Bolts

    Helpful Tip!

    If you have a few sockets in your tool box, try this. To our knowledge, there are only three sizes of 7-Spline nuts (with symmetrical or evenly spaced splines). If the smallest socket you can fit over your 7-spline nut is either 3/4" 12-point or 19mm, 13/16" (either Hex or 12-point), then this should be the right key. If your 3/4" Hex or any other smaller socket fits over your 7-Spline Nut, then you need either the Small 7-Spline Key or Medium 7-Spline Key.
    13/16" (21mm)||7/8" (23mm)
    End Type
    7-Splined (Female)
    Matte Black
    Fits large 7-Spline Lug Nuts with symmetrical (evenly spaced) external splines.
    Dual Hex
    Inside Diameter
    0.80" (51/64", 20.32mm)
    3.5" (3-1/2", 89mm)
    Hardened Steel
    Outside Diameter
    0.90" (29/32", 22.86mm)
    Symmetrical (Evenly Spaced)
    Sold Individually
    0.05" (3/64", 1.27mm)(Wall)
    Fits all standard (non-registered) Duplex (large) Style 7-Spline Tuner Lug Nuts with symmetrical (evenly spaced) splines