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Automotive Tools, Equipment and Hardware

When in the midst of repairs, cars and trucks require all sorts of random bits and pieces. Brandsport carries all the odds and ends you need to keep your automobile in tip-top shape. Remove springs and anchor pins with brake spring pliers and brake spring tools, take off tough lug nuts with wrench kits, and change your oil filter with one of our oil filter wrenches. We also carry multi-cut tools, service reminder labels, sockets, extensions, adapters, tire pressure gauges and torque wrenches.

You never know when you’re going to need a certain tool or part, which is why we carry all that you’ll need to keep your car running and looking good! And we only carry top name brands like Wilmar, Subaru, Parts Master, Toyota, Gorilla, TRD, Mothers®, Meguiars®, CTA® and more. That way you know you’re getting quality car repair tools & equipment and hardware from trusted manufacturers. Shop for auto body repair tools, equipment and hardware here at Brandsport. Questions? Give our customer representatives a call at 877.341.6555.