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No matter what your automotive spray paint needs are, Brandsport has the paint that you need. From chrome spray paints to brake caliper paints, from high heat to bumper and trim paint. Brandsport has virtually every type of automotive spray paint you’ll ever need. And as you have come to expect from Brandsport, we carry car spray paint from industry leading manufacturers such as PlastiKote, Duplicolor and VHT.

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If you’re looking to paint your brake drums and calipers, Brandsport carries caliper paints and cleaning spray from VHT. With Brandsport, your brake caliper paint options range from cast aluminum to gloss black and a clear coat for added protection. With one of the many different colors of brake caliper auto spray paint available, you can have a set of brake calipers that will help your new wheels look even better.

Brandsport carries hood, bumper, and trim automotive spray paint from industry leaders VHT and PlastiKote. VHT’s lineup is specially formulated with elastomers for side view mirrors and rubberized bumper parts so they remain flexible. PlastiKote’s bumper paint comes in 11 ounce car paint spray can and is available in low gloss satin black or grey and high luster chrome to repair most bumpers. Why replace when you can repaint for much less?

If you’re rebuilding your engine or if you just want to make it look better, Brandsport has a variety of colors in high heat engine enamel from VHT. Whether you’ve got a New or old Ford, Dodge, or GM product, Brandsport carries the factory correct colors to make your engine look factory new.

When you’re done applying the high temp engine enamels or metallic flake spray paint to your engine, don’t forget the pulleys. Give your pulleys a new look with a few coats of an anodized-look auto spray paint from VHT. With these quality automotive finishes, they’ll look like you spent several hundred dollars having an expensive anodized powder-coat applied to them.

Don’t forget the exhaust system. Older headers are probably looking pretty ratty. A few coats of VHT flame proof auto spray paint and they’ll look like new again. For stock exhaust manifolds, a couple high heat car spray paint cans will also get them looking like new again. Brandsport carries many colors of flame proof automotive spray paint, plus primer and clear coat.

For car builders, Brandsport carries VHT paint that gives your roll cage and frame an expensive baked on black powder coat look finish. With this auto spray paint, not only will you protect your cage and frame from the elements, but they’ll look great too.

Remembering everything else, don’t forget the wheels. Why send them to an expensive shop when Brandsport carries auto spray paint for wheels to get them looking like new again. This paint comes in several colors to restore your wheels and wheel hubcaps to like new condition.

If you’re doing any repainting, you’ll likely need some VHT paint stripper. The stripper comes in regular 11 ounce car spray paint cans and makes removing the old paint much easier than scraping or sanding.

VHT also offers a wrinkle finish that will give a variety of metals and plastic parts a unique look. You can make stock valve covers look like expensive or custom aftermarket pieces with this paint. No automotive spray paint job should be undertaken without at least two coats of primer. Brandsport has car paint primer from VHT, PlastiKote, and Dupli-Color in various colors.

Brandsport also carries Night Shades lens car spray paint cans to tint your brake light lenses. There are also paints for motorcycles, as well as multi-purpose spray paint for cars and virtually any other paint project you have.

If you don’t have the correct color code, Brandsport can help you color match the correct car spray paint cans so you have perfectly matched paint for your project. Brandsport has most every color that you might need in stock and ready to ship. Contact us today and let us get your spray paint cans on their way to you now.