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Mufflers, Exhaust Tips & Systems

Here is the Mufflers, Exhaust Tips and Systems section. Here, you can get either repair kits for your exhaust pipes or just get a new exhaust system altogether. Or maybe you just want to customize the look of your exhaust of your ride with a sweet new exhaust tip. Either way we have got your exhaust covered in multiple ways. If you need a replacement exhaust system then you have found the right place to do so, right here.

Exhaust & Muffler Repair

We offer both chrome and steel exhaust tips, choose which ever one you prefer to make your ride look more sweet and personalize it to be more like you. If you have a small hole, crack or minor damage to your exhaust, we recommend buying a whole new exhaust for your car. It would be cheaper and a better deal to check out the repair kits that we offer, either for the muffler/tailpipe or if its for the exhaust pipe itself. We offer exhaust pipe repair kits to help repair the damage to your exhaust system. If you need help with making the decision to either buying a new exhaust system or just a repair kit you can feel free to contact us and we can give you our opinion about what would be the best, on whether there is enough damage to get a new exhaust pipe, or if it is just minor damage that can be repaired by a kit that we offer. At Brandsport we want to get you what you need the most when you need it the most.