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Security Systems, Theft Deterrent & Car Alarms

Brandsport offers high quality security alarm systems for your vehicle that are easy to install, and are designed specifically for your vehicle. Find your aftermarket car alarm or security device here and put your mind at ease!

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Knowing your vehicle is safe and secure puts your mind at ease. Whether you’re leaving your vehicle parked outside for a few hours, or a few days, it helps to know you’ve got a top notch security system keeping your car and personal items inside, safe. Unlike common aftermarket systems that may not be compatible to your vehicle and are easy to disarm, our factory systems are custom designed to match your vehicle ensuring proper operation and function, keeping your mind at ease. Our factory alarm systems use the existing plug connections in your vehicle, making installation simple. We also provide everything you’ll need in our kits for proper installation and operation. You can leave your vehicle parked outside on the street, or parked in a parking garage for a few hours while you shop, or even parked at the airport for a few days, and you can relax knowing your vehicle and personal effects are safe and secure. Let Brandsport help you keep your vehicle safe with our wide variety of car security and alarm systems with a low price and customer service guarantee.