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Chemicals, Additives & Fluids

Welcome to the Chemicals, Additives and Fluids section. Right here is where you can choose from air filter cleaner, oils, lubricants, fluids, and more to ensure your car is among the healthiest on the road. Use the car engine degreaser on your engine to spot leaks quicker and always have it clean. We also offer Automatic Transmission Fluids provided by Toyota to help ensure your transmission’s cleanliness and health.

Permatex Cold Weld Bonding Compound Two 1-oz. Tubes #14600
Genuine Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF Type T-IV 1 Quart Bottle Sold Individually #00279-000T4-01

Metal bond products work just like glue, except for the fact that it is so much stronger, durable, tougher and lasts so much longer. We also provide Air Filter Cleaners as well as Air Filter kits and oils. If there is a strong fuel smell that is unbearable then the problem might be the air filter. It may either be too dirty or just needs replaced. We can provide you with either the cleaners or the air filter itself or other air filter cleaners or accessories needed for your car to help make sure that your car, truck or SUV is amongst the healthiest. If what you are in search of is not listed on the site, please inform us and we will be more than happy to help you track down the product that you need. At Brandsport we want you and your car to be the happiest on the road. As well as wanting to help you make your care amongst the healthiest cars on the road.