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Touch Up Paint & Supplies

Touch Up Paint & Supplies

Looking for factory or high-quality touch up paint from trusted brands? Youíre in the right place!

A few years ago, automotive touch up paint came in a small plastic container with a brush attached to the top. This meant that the individual use touch up paint for cars had to be brushed on and the paint looked brushed on, yuck! There were ways to make car touch up paints look professionally applied, but these methods took practice and patience. It was usually better to pay for the touch up car paint to be professionally applied.

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Although when you buy a new car you will still most likely receive the plastic container with the automotive touch up paint, your touch up car paint options now include spray cans. Prepping your car for sprayed on automotive touch up spray paint entails basically the same steps as the older brush-on style.

However, getting a professionally-applied look from sprayed on automotive touch up paint is much easier than with brushed on version. Brandsport carries auto touch up spray paints in every color under the rainbow, so weíll be able to match your paint, primer and clear coat as needed.

When you see a scratch or other imperfection in your carís paint that you need to repair, you need to prepare the surface prior to applying the paint. First, you need to tape off and prep the area that you plan on applying the paint to, as the new paint wonít adhere properly to the clear coat that the factory applies.

Once the area is taped off, it needs to be sanded down to remove the clear coat and scratch the underlying original paint. A 100 or 150 grit wet type sandpaper is perfect for this. If youíre applying sprayed on touch up car paint, you need to mask off the areas you donít want the new paint to accidentally land on.

With the car masked off, you can now apply the car touch up paint. Begin your stroke or spray with a side to side motion so that the paint will begin to flow on the masking paper and steadily move the spray across the area to be painted, stopping the flow once you reach the masking paper again. Apply the touch up car paint in a thin coat, allow it to dry, and apply another thin coat and repeat to desired coverage.

With three or four coats of touch up paint applied, allow it to dry as per the directions on the can or bottle. Next, you want to protect your newly applied automotive touch up paint from the elements and give it a glossy appearance like the rest of the car. When it comes to auto touch up spray paint, cars need theirs protected with three or four coats of clear coat. This is because when it comes to paint, cars live in a much more severe environment than most anything else.

Remember, when youíre ready to buy car touch up paint, car color may look very similar, but they can be very different. Check your car to find the correct color name and/or code as specified by your carís maker.

Brandsport carries only the best automotive touch up paint from VHT, Dupli-Color, and PlastiKote. When buying from Brandsport, youíll be dealing with dedicated professionals whose prime focus is to ensure that your touch up paint, car, and color code all match properly.

Itís important to remember when buying vehicle touch up paint, cars have a paint tag either under the hood, or in the door jamb or elsewhere. This paint code tag may even be mounted on the horizontal or the vertical surface of the fender on the passenger side of the car. When ordering your touch up paint, car makers tend to have several different colors that are only very slightly different from each other, so this color code is very important in order to ensure a perfect match.

Brandsport wants to be your number one source for your touch up paint for car needs. Next time you need touch up paint for car use, give Brandsport a call.