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Blind Spot Mirrors

Auto blind spot mirrors make driving easier and safer. Every car, no matter how well designed, has at least one blindspot and these mirrors can help shrink or eliminate them. Blind spots can be caused by car roof pillars, rear windows that aren’t quite large enough or side view mirrors that aren’t large enough to give complete coverage around the car.

Peterson Manufacturing Adjustable Wedge Style Blind-Spot Mirror 1-3/8" x 2-1/4" Wedge, Black Frame Stick on Convex #V599
CIPA Wedge Blind Spot Mirror 2-1/2" x 3-3/4" Wedge, Black Frame Stick on Convex #49702
CIPA Corner Wedge Blind Spot Mirror 2" x 2" Corner Wedge Black Frame Stick on Convex #49404
Peterson Manufacturing 2" Round Blind Spot Mirror 2" Round, Steel Backing Stick on, Convex #V600
Peterson Manufacturing 3" Round Blind Spot Mirror 3" Round, Steel Backing Stick on, Convex #V603
CIPA Corner Wedge Blind Spot Mirror 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" Corner Wedge Black Frame Stick on Convex #49403
Peterson Manufacturing 3-3/4" Round Blind Spot Mirror 3-3/4" Round, Steel Backing Stick on, Convex #V603L

Adjust, re-adjust, and then adjust once again!

You can adjust your rearview and side view mirrors all you want, but no matter what you try, you you may be able to reduce the effects of the blind spots around your car, but you’ll never eliminate them with the side view mirrors your car was originally equipped with. However, properly selected and installed car blind spot mirrors for trucks, SUV’s and RV’s can completely eliminate these safety hazards.

So many sizes to choose from.

The size and shape of our auto blind spot mirrors available here can accommodate nearly any size and shape of side view mirrors on most any vehicle. Brandsport stocks a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors of these auto blind spot mirrors to make sure you select the best mirror for your needs.

Concave, Convex, what's the big deal.

All blindspot car mirrors are made with convex shaped mirrors, no matter what the overall shape of the mirror is. The convex shape of this type of mirror expands the area that it would normally be able to cover behind and to the sides of your vehicle. Blind spot mirrors for cars and trucks can be round, square, or rectangular in shape. Which shape and size you choose will depend on the shape and size of the mirror it will be mounted to..

Cover all the bases

Whether you’re in a car, SUV, or a truck, if you’re towing a trailer of any length, chances are that by adding the trailer, you’re also adding two more blind spots, one on each side of the vehicle. You might be able to shrink those blind spots slightly by adjusting the side view mirrors on the sides of your car, but that’s about it. So blind spot mirrors should be considered mandatory equipment whenever towing a trailer.
However, adding blind spot mirrors from Brandsport, especially on adjustable mirrors, you can extend the area that can be seen around and behind your vehicle and trailer and effectively eliminate those blind spots.

No matter what size, shape or whether you are looking for blind spot mirrors for cars, trucks or RV’s, the expert sales staff at Brandsport is here to help. Choose the right mirror so you can drive safely by eliminating your car or truck’s blind spots, or at least reduce them as much as possible.

Brandsport carries blindspot mirrors that are either fixed or adjustable. Adjustable blind spot mirrors allow you to incrementally adjust the positioning of the mirror to most completely eliminate or shrink your vehicle’s blind spots.

Brandsport also carries blind spot mirrors for cars that attach to secondary mirrors that are attached to your car’s doors and are used explicitly for towing to increase the area in view to your rear and sides. This type of blindspot mirror is specially shaped for these mirrors, being designed to fit in the bottom corners of these towing mirrors.

For when you need a car blind spot mirror that is tinted to reduce glare when the sun is low on the horizon, Brandsport also carries blind spot mirrors that are tinted, in yellow, blue, and red to ease the strain on your eyes.

Whether you need the small two inch wedge-shaped blind spot mirrors, a one and a half inch round, or a four inch round mirror, Brandsport has the right mirror for your needs. If you need a fixed blind spot mirror or one that’s adjustable for use with different trailers, or even to help you parallel parking, you’ll find the exact blindspot mirror that you want and need when shopping with Brandsport.

Since the exact blind spot mirrors that will completely fulfill your needs will depend on the size and shape of the side view mirrors on your car or truck, you can make ordering your mirrors much easier by having the dimensions written down and with you when you call to order them.