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E Style Insert

E Style Toyota Windshield Wiper inserts installation instructions

The "E" style Toyota wiper blade insert/refill is easily identifiable by the following characteristics:
  • "E" style Toyota wiper blade inserts are closed or blocked off at both ends.
  • A small, triangular top ridge that attaches to the one piece metal support rib.
  • From the end view, a rectangular block sits above the wiping edge.
  • The wiping edge, which contacts the windshield, features a small rectangular block or ridge which sits above the tall, triangular shaped edge
  • One end of the insert/refill will be slanted, or pointed, at an angle coming to a point at the tip of the wiping edge.

  • On this style of insert, the metal support rib would remain in place attached to the wiper blade assembly and only the rubber insert itself would be removed by sliding the insert/refill out from the support rib channel.