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Tuner Wheel Nuts & Mag Lug Nuts: Specialized for your Needs

Did you ever hear the phrase, “The need for speed?” Have you ever found yourself as the person who has that need? There is just something inherently awesome about driving at fast speeds down there road. It is safe? Certainly not. Does it make you feel alive? Yes. If you are the kind of person who can help but put the pedal to the metal, then you need to know that there are steps you can take to make sure that you are a bit safer as you continue to increase your speed. One such step is switching your lug nuts from your standard, everyday, run of the mill lug nuts for tuner wheel nuts or mag lug nuts.

What are Tuner Wheel Nuts?

Tuner wheel nuts are a specifically engineered type of lug nut that are most commonly found in the racing industry. A car that equips itself with tuner wheel nuts is a car that has generally already been modified to perform better in racing conditions. The tuner lug nuts themselves are constructed to form a precision fit between your tire and wheel well, which means that your tire will stay firmly in place while you're racing Additionally, these chrome plated wheel locks are of a smaller size, which means they weigh less. Weighing less is always good in a race!

What are Mag Lug Nuts?

Older style cars have what are known as mag wheels, which have a ½ to 1 inch shank slipping into the wheel to center it, and a washer that applies pressure to clamp the wheel to the axle. Mag lug nuts are required for this type of design because they have a longer thread zone so that they can go further down the wheel stud for a more snug fit. Mag lug nuts ensure that your wheels stay exactly where they are supposed to stay so you can drive with peace of mind.

So if you want to be able to go faster and not worry about your tires becoming loose, consider the use of tuner wheel nuts or mag lug nuts from