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Truck Fender Trim & Drip Rail Molding: Accentuate Your Ride

Truck Fender Trim

Cars and trucks are beautiful things. Watching a vehicle drive down the open road with the sun shining on it is a wonderful sight. If you are visiting our site, then it most likely means that you are the kind of vehicle owner who likes to have a car that really stands out from the rest of the pack. But we're not talking about gaudy accessories that make your ride look like an eyesore; we're talking about the subtle little touches that people can actually appreciate. Two examples of subtle touches are truck fender trim and drip rail molding, both of which you can find at

What is Truck Fender Trim?

Truck fender trim is an accessory that you can use to add some style near your fender and wheel wells. Not only does this molding add some pizzazz, it also helps protect your vehicle from dings, dents, scratches, and scrapes. Truck fender trim is make from vinyl coating that can offer a degree of protection against small things you can encounter on the road such as kicked up gravel or down tree branches. This protection also gives you the convenience of not having to spend a lot of time trying find a perfect match if you are trying to touch up your vehicle's paint scheme.

What is Drip Rail Molding?

Drip rail molding is an accessory that you don't hear about too often. This type of molding is designed to help carry rain water away from your windows. Drip rail molding actually has a small channel etched into the strip so that as it rains, the water naturally follows the channel and moves away from your window and your interior. Installation is simple as you just peel the molding off of its back and then apply it where you feel it is needed.

If you want some good looking car and truck accessories that also serve practice purposes, be sure to consider drip rail molding and truck fender trim, available at