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Accelerate with Tuner Nuts

When you think of the word “fast,” what comes to mind? Do you think about a fighter jet? How about your internet connection? Tennessee Titan's running back Chris Johnson? Or do you think about your car and how you love to push your foot down on the gas? Do you think about how every Friday night you and your buddies find out just how fast your cars can go? Are you a racer? If you want to increase the speed of your car, then don't forget one area that you can modify in order to get a little extra: Your lug nuts. With the help of Tuner Nuts from, you'll be sure to find yourself a competitor in any race!

What are Tuner Nuts?

Tuner Nuts are a very specific type of lug nut that are designed to help a car that has already been modified to race. These lug nuts have been made so that they form a precision fit and lock your tire firmly in place. Engineered to exceed factory standards, tuner nuts are the best in the business in terms of wheel security. In addition to wheel security, this type of lug nut helps to ensure that your tires continue to turn smoothly, which increases your vehicle's efficiency as there is no lost energy due to a lug nut rubbing against the tire's rim.

Flashy, but not Flashy

The Tuner Nuts that you can find at also offer you flash…without all of the flash. What we mean is that our lug nuts are plated with chrome so that they definitely offer an element of style and will certainly turn heads. But normally lug nuts like this are big and bulky, which is not good for a racing car because heavier means slower. Our lug nuts are chrome plated, without all of the extra weight – perfect for racing.

So if you want to really impress the other drivers and accelerate to the head of the pack, make sure to investigate the tuner nuts that you can find at