Brake Caliper Paint

You’ve gotten all of the rust and dents and dings taken care of on your car. You’ve sanded and primed it. You’ve shelled out hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars to add a custom paint scheme to it. You’ve paid out a few thousand dollars for a set of killer wheels and tires. You’re all done, right?

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Wrong. Look behind those brand new wheels and tires. What about the brake calipers and drums? How do they look? Chances are, the calipers could use some work, as well, including a few coats of high quality brake caliper paint. Seriously, are you going to settle for nasty rusty brake calipers sitting behind two or three thousand dollars of brand new rolling stock?

Not a chance, especially when high quality brake caliper paint kits, like those from VHT and Brandsport are so low priced. With a little effort, and the right color of VHT brake caliper paint, your calipers and drums can look better than new. Two or three coats of brake caliper spray paint and those drums and calipers that look terrible now can make your car look even better.

VHT makes, and Brandsport carries, a wide range of brake caliper paint colors. You can choose a brake caliper paint that sets off the color of your car, like black, which goes with any color. Or you can you can choose a paint for brake calipers that matches or compliments the color of your wheels or car body.

Brake caliper paint serves multiple purposes and can be used on more than just calipers; it can be used on brake drums, as well. Properly prepare the brake calipers and/or drums, and apply one of Brandsport’s brake caliper spray paint colors and not only do you make the brake component look better, you protect it.

A few coats of a quality brake caliper spray paint on the drums and calipers on a car that either sits or is driven in snow and icy conditions where salt is used instead of sand and those parts will last longer, because rust won’t have a chance to start and build. You can even use clear gloss paint for brake calipers, instead of choosing from Brandsport’s wide variety of brake caliper paint colors.

If you own a car that you’re proud of, whether or not you have expensive wheels and tires, if you can see through the wheels, chances are one of Brandsport’s brake caliper paint kits will let you be even more proud of it. Throw few coats of a matching or contrasting brake caliper spray paint on the drums and rotors, and it’ll make them look much better.

Planning on selling your car soon? Here’s an idea - Choose from our variety of brake caliper paint colors and you’ll make the car look better. When the car looks better, you can get a better price for it. This is true when you use it as a trade-in, but even more true if you sell it privately.