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Buick Enclave Bug Deflectors

You'll find just the right hood protector for your Enclave here!

Brandsport is passionate about keeping your Buick in pristine condition and we offer many products such as Enclave bug deflectors to help you do just that. Damage to your Enclave’s hood and windshield, while often unforeseen and often unavoidable, can be prevented with high quality bug deflectors. To help protect your baby, Brandsport offers a wide range of Enclave hood protectors that not only match your vehicle profile, but come in a sleek, low profile design while simultaneously providing windshield and fender protection from bug stains, stone chips, scratches, and other debris. Made from a tough, aerodynamic acrylic, our Enclave hood guards are flexible, scratch resistant and are virtually indestructible. We offer a variety of styles made to fit your Enclave perfectly, in colors such as smoke, chrome, and clear for certain model years. And installation is a breeze, as our Enclave bug shields come with all the necessary items for do-it-yourself installation. And we offer a wide variety of bug deflectors for many years of Buick Enclaves ranging from classic models to the models of today. So, whether you have a classic, or a brand new model, with our Enclave bug deflectors, you can assure that you’re taking the steps to prevent damage and keep your Buick Enclave looking factory floor new. Retain your Buick’s value, and protect it against expensive chips, dents and damages with one of our Enclave hood deflectors today.