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Extended Lug Nuts: Keeping You Safe

Do you like to customize your own vehicles? Do you have a lot of fun trying to make your cars or trucks look as amazing as possible. Do you like adding specific parts that don't normally come with the vehicle? We know the feeling. One of the areas we like to focus on, and we are assuming that you do too since you're here, are the tires. We love finding high performance tires to add to our cars to really make them stand out. But sometimes the wheel studs on custom order tires can be too long for normal lug nuts. If you find yourself in this situation, then you are going to need Extended Lug Nuts, which you can find at

Extended Lug Nuts and Thread Engagement

The primary purpose of lug nuts is to make sure that the tire stays on the car. Serious injury to you or damage to your vehicle could occur if your tire were to separate from you car while it was in motion. Likewise, you don't want to be parked on the street only to have your tires be the target of a thief who eyes up your rims.

But if you have a custom wheel that is larger than the wheel that originally came with the car, you may have an issue: The wheel stud might be longer. When the stud is longer, the original lug nuts that came with your car won't be able to achieve proper thread engagement. Thread engagement is the distance the nut is threaded down the stud. The more threat engagement, the more secure the tire will be.

Extended Lug Nuts are designed to provide extra thread engagement. They simply have an extended section that contains more threads so that it can affix itself tightly to the wheel stud. This means, that thanks to extended lug nuts, your tire has a significantly decreased chance of coming off of your vehicle when it shouldn’t.

So if you have or are considering bigger tires, chances are you’re going to need Extended Lug Nuts, which you can conveniently find right here at!