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Lock Wheel Lug Nuts Keep Your Rims Where They Belong – On Your Ride!

Are you looking for a way to keep your car safe from scofflaws and petty thieves? Pricey alarm systems, motion-detecting cameras and other gadgets can be a powerful deterrent and can be a boon in aiding law enforcement after the crime has already been committed, but the best way to ensure that a thief doesn’t run off with your rims or wheels is to invest in a Lock Wheel device like a locking lug nut.

In many urban areas around the country, there has been an increase in the theft of wheels and rims. In some cases, these thefts are committed to appropriate particularly showy or expensive wheels and install them on the thief’s own car as a status symbol. In other cases, gangs steal wheels to sell them for the aluminum content to fund their illicit activities. But investing in a lock wheel lug nut or set of lug nuts can thwart the bad guys and help leave your ride unscathed.

Lock Wheel lug nuts, also known as wheel locks, can only be removed with the aid of a special key that attaches to the end of a lug wrench. Try to remove the lock wheel without the key, and it could end up stripped and incapable of being removed except by a professional. In some cases, an exterior sleeve is placed around the wheel lock to make it even more difficult to remove without the proper tools.

At Brandsport, you can find Lock Wheel lug nuts from Gorilla Auto, a leader in aftermarket auto parts and accessories. Gorilla has been known for their lug nuts for over 30 years, and they make some of the most effective wheel locks on the market today. You can also purchase spare or extra keys for your Gorilla lock wheel lug nuts, so that they’re never impossible for you to remove.

When you shop with Brandsport, you’re shopping only the best selection of aftermarket parts and accessories for your car or truck, including trim and molding, interior parts and all types of lug nuts (our specialty), including Lock Wheel lug nuts. If you can’t find what you need, ask us – we’re committed to giving you the best customer service, right down to our no-hassle return policy. Thanks for choosing Brandsport!