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Locking Lug Nuts: Mischief Night Protection

The summer is drawing to a close, which means that Halloween will soon be upon us. Halloween is that wonderful time of year where we celebrate one last hurrah before winter. There are traditions such as trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, dressing up in costumes, decorating the house, and going to haunted attractions. But there is one other element of Halloween that is oftentimes forgotten about: Mischief Night. Mischief Night is the night where you want to make sure that you have your property protected. When it comes to your car, don't forget that a set of locking lug nuts can go a long way in terms of protection.

What are Locking Lug Nuts?

Locking lug nuts are a tool that you can use to protect your wheels or rims on Mischief Night and every night of the year. October 30th, otherwise known as Mischief Night, is the evening where little ghouls and goblins go out and about in order to play a variety of pranks. The most common types of mischievous deeds that are seen are throwing eggs, smashing pumpkins, throwing toilet paper in trees, etc. Although these pranks are annoying, they are usually not intended to be harmful. But there are sometimes sinister pranksters out there that take things a step too far, and locking lug nuts can help protect you from this type of joker.

Locking lug nuts take the place of a normal lug nut because of their ability to lock. That's right, you literally need a key, which is included, to remove locking lug nuts from your vehicle. No matter how hard they try, your typical Mischief Nighter is not going to be successful when it comes to taking your rims or tires, and you have a set of Gorilla locking lug nuts from to thank!

So if you want to make sure that you protect your vehicle from being targeted on Mischief Night, and those other 364 nights a year when jealous thieves are on the prowl, consider using locking lug nuts from