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Gorilla Lug Nuts - Setting The Standard

Gorilla Wheel Locks & Lug Nuts

Gorilla Automotive: They're more than Tough Enough !

In most cases, you wouldn’t want a gorilla on your car. Unless you’re talking about Gorilla brand parts, that is. Gorilla Automotive has been around for over thirty years and has a proven reputation for providing some of the highest quality products in the industry. Each of Gorilla’s parts meets or exceeds OEM standards. From spinners to alarm systems, Gorilla specializes in customization and safety. The intersection of these two ideals – and the thing the company is most known for – is its line of high quality Gorilla Lug Nuts You can rest assured if a company calls themselves Gorilla Automotive they’re going to work hard to create products that live up to the name. And that’s exactly what Gorilla does- they make a whole line of auto accessories that can handle an inordinate amount of abuse. From their line of locking lug nuts and tools, to wrenches and sockets, everything Gorilla Automotive manufactures is, well, Gorilla tough!
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Located in Los Angeles, California, Gorilla Automotive’s goal is to provide people with a line of products they can depend on. By providing an excellent product matched with excellent customer service, Gorilla has grown as a company while gaining legions of loyal customers as well as recognition of their brand name. Apparently never settling for second place is paying off. Because of their dedication to providing the auto accessories market with a tough product that customers can rely on, Brandsport is proud to carry Gorilla Automotive products. For a better idea of what Gorilla parts and accessories we provide please keep reading!

Gorilla Lug Nuts

If rusted on, stripped or flat-out ugly describe your current lug nuts then Gorilla can help you out. Gorilla lug nuts are known for their durability as well as their looks. Gorilla manufacturers lug nuts with finishes ranging from classic chrome and stainless steel to race-ready anodized blue and red, plus black chrome! With all these lug nut choices there’s bound to be a lug nut set that’s perfect for your ride. Want a lifetime guarantee you can hang your hat on? Gorilla Lifetime lug nuts are for you. Available with a triple chrome plating as well as hardy stainless steel, these Gorilla lug nuts have been put through the paces (including a 240 hour salt spray test) to ensure a beautiful finish as well as superior durability that exceeds OEM lug nut standards. The bottom line- these lug nuts are engineered to give you a lifetime of rust-free, no-trouble use.

Gorilla Wheel Locks

What do you get when you blend the quality of Gorilla lug nuts with patented innovations to keep your wheels on your ride? Gorilla wheel locks. Like their line of lug nuts, Gorilla wheel locks are made to surpass industry standards to protect your wheels and tires from theft while still being good-looking enough that you want to put ‘em on your ride. Whether you opt for the original Gorilla Wheel Lock, the sliding-sleeved Gorilla Guard locking lug nuts or the super-strength Gorilla Guard II locks, each features sturdy hardened steel construction and Gorilla’s external lock pattern. The external lock pattern leaves less chance for your locking lug nuts to become rusted and unable to be unlocked. For another layer of security, Gorilla wheel locks include a registration number with each set so if for some reason you lose your wheel lock key they can easily replace it. All you have to do is visit our Gorilla Wheel Lock Key page. And don’t worry if you have lug bolts on your vehicle- Gorilla has you covered as well. Gorilla lug bolt locks feature the same exterior key lock technology with heat treated steel construction. Whether you have a Euro car with wheel bolts or an American classic with lug nuts, there’s a set of Gorilla wheel locks for your machine.

Other Gorilla Wheel Accessories

Though Gorilla is probably best known for their line of lug nuts and wheel locks, they also manufacture a variety of other wheel accessories. Some that Brandsport carries are their line of flush mount valve stems and valve stem caps. Gorilla flush mount valve stems are perfect for giving your ride’s wheels a clean, smoothed out look. Each set includes four valve stems with flush-mount, caps and filler tubes. Because they’re from Gorilla you know they’ll last as long as you have your wheels- if not a little longer. If you have the traditional valve stem but want to get rid of the cheap-looking plastic valve stem cap then you’ll like Gorilla valve stem caps. Available in either dome-topped or flat-topped style, Gorilla valve stem caps have a nice polished finish and are made from steel. You won’t find a better valve stem cap anywhere. While on the subject of valve stems, one way to improve gas mileage, slow down tire wear and make your driving safer is to keep an eye on your tire pressure and fill them when they’re low. Gorilla can help you out there as well with their line of tire pressure gauges. With four different styles to choose from, since these tire pressure gauges are made by Gorilla you can guarantee they’re not only precise but also made to last. Gorilla also makes a brush that’s perfect for scrubbing your mag wheels without scratching them up. It can get all the hard to reach places while removing mud, brake dust, dirt and all other forms of road grime. Sometimes you’ll have a nice set of mag wheels and try to put on a new set of lug nuts just to find out you need a special washer. Gorilla lug nut washers can help you out. Made from steel and featuring a tenacious zinc coating (unless otherwise stated) Gorilla lug nut washers come off-set or centered and designed to meet the needs of popular wheels. Don’t deny yourself the quality of a set of Gorilla lug nuts or the security of wheel locks- help them fit correctly with Gorilla lug nut washers.

Gorilla Lug Nut Wrenches

Since they’re so well known for their superior lug nuts and bolts is really a surprise Gorilla makes awesome lug nut wrenches? Of course not. And if you don’t believe us then check out the line of Gorilla lug nut wrenches. Whether you want the super torque of the telescoping Gorilla Power Wrench, the precision of the adjustable torque wrench, the tried and true style of the star lug wrench or the easy stow-and-go style of the fold-down 4-way wrench, each will give you the dependability you’ve come to associate with Gorilla Automotive. Each Gorilla lug wrench is made from hardened steel and features an easy to clean chrome or polished finish. As you can see from the above, we hold a high opinion of Gorilla Automotive and their products. Between offering an excellent product and their dedication to customer service, we feel confident carrying a variety of products they have to offer. From auto security to slapping a fresh set of lug nuts on your ride, there’s one name you can trust- Gorilla Automotive. Gorilla Lug Nuts are a durable product that looks great on your car. These lugs are guaranteed to never rust as long as you own them – each lug exceeds a 240 hour salt spray test and a 5 point quality control process. Gorilla’s newest nuts are their small diameter racing lugs – made from 7075 aluminum to be lightweight yet stronger than steel. These specially designed racing lug nuts are built to last, made to catch the eye with five distinctive colors available, and engineered with an acorn/tapered design to fit virtually all tuner wheels.

Precisely engineered from hardened steel and chrome plated, each Gorilla lug is a durable and attractive addition to your car. Locking Gorilla Lug Nuts are virtually impossible to remove without the proper key. That precise fit between key and lock prevents stripping and ensures that lock and key will each function for a long time after purchase. For extra security, the Gorilla Guard line of locking lugs has a free-spinning sleeve that covers its security pattern and makes it even more difficult to forcibly remove.

Brandsport is dedicated to delivering comprehensive service to our car and truck loving customers, as well as convenience and ease of use. We have over 30 years’ experience in the automotive parts industry, with both parts suppliers and auto dealers, meaning we have a comprehensive understanding of parts from every angle. With no-hassle returns, free shipping in the continental US and full manufacturers’ warranties on each of our products, there’s no reason not to shop at for Gorilla Lug Nuts and more.