1/2" x 20 Lug Nuts & Wheel Locks

(20 threads per inch)
Get the quality and security you need in your lug nuts and wheel locks by shopping our superior selection today at Brandsport.com. With tons of seat styles to choose from, our 1/2 x 20 thread pitch lug nuts and wheel locks offer you a great fit, as well as the security you need when you add new wheels to your vehicle. Made from durable, hardened steel with a variety of finishes, our lug nuts from top brands like Gorilla are tough, stylish, and the perfect fit for any ride no matter what your sense of style. Our Lug Nuts and Wheel Locks with a 1/2 x 20 thread pitch deliver the fit and security you need for your new rims, not to mention, some sick styling that anyone can appreciate. Keep others from swiping your hot new style and make installation easy by shopping our selection of Lug Nut Sets, wheel locks, valve stems, wheel lock keys, lug wrenches, and tools today all with the 1/2" x 20 thread pitch you need for your wheel studs.

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Remember when a really tightened wheel meant cranking the PSI on the compressor and pounding the lug nut into the wheel till the air gun sounded like a jackhammer?Those days have given way to the precision of a torque wrench. Not that it's a new science, but over-tightening has been the ruin of many a wheel. If you have a nut hole that has been pounded like the Grand Canyon, you may be able to find a solution for the old wheels in our wide range of lug nut sizes, seats and styles - appliance step mag seated lug nuts, with three ply chrome over hardened steel. The better solution, of course, is to ditch the worn wheel and vow never to use an air gun again. However, even with a standard tire iron, it's possible to over-tighten, especially when the bolt surface is lubricated (requiring much less torque). So what's a home mechanic to do? The chrome finished hardened steel TW605 Gorilla torque wrench offers a surefire way to tighten bolts to spec, and not an inch-pound more. With a thumbscrew dial lock that lets you tighten accurately from 10 - 150-foot-pounds, this wrench ensures that you won't strip bolts or pound wheel holes, as long as you set to the proper spec. You do want to take other things into consideration, such as lubrication level and surface texture which can alter the torque values considerably.This heavy-duty Gorilla torque wrench comes with 5-inch extension and a plastic carrying case.Once this problem is bolted down, Brandsport's broad utility spectrum of wheel accessories will help you make sure other parts of your wheel assembly are a snug, safe fit, with hub rings for the slightly miss-sized hub hole and wheel spacers, when the wheel itself is just too close for comfort. Buy the torque wrench before you install your new, precision lug nuts and give them the respect they deserve.