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3/8" x 24 Lug Nuts & Wheel Locks

3/8" x 24 Lug Nuts & Wheel Locks

(24 threads per inch)

When you’re looking to get a new set of custom wheels for your ride, you need more than just right set of rims. At, we carry the 3/8" lug nuts and wheel locks that you need to fit your vehicle. With tons of lug nuts to choose from in our selection, including a variety of lug nuts from top brands like West Coast Wheel, Excalibur and Gorilla, you can always be sure to find the right fit for your new or existing wheels. Scared about something happening to your investment? Don’t worry – at, we’ve got you covered when it comes to protecting those new wheels. We carry 3/8” lug nuts and wheel locks that can prevent those hot new rims you just put on from being swiped.

Check out our selection of 3/8” Thread Lug Nuts below to find the right fit for your car. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the Gorilla lug nut wrench, other lug wrenches, tools, valve stems, wheel lock keys, and other essentials needed for getting your wheels looking their best.

Get the peace of mind you need when you want new wheels by choosing 3/8” thread Gorilla lug nuts and Gorilla Wheel Locks from

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For an extra touch of distinction on your car, add chrome or black lug nuts. Let’s face it, you make aftermarket modifications to your ride to make it stand out, and nothing looks more outstanding than the bling factor that the look of chrome provides. From chrome molding and trim all the way down to Chrome Nuts, Brandsport has what you need! After adding hot new aftermarket wheels to your tuner, don’t settle for the OEM finish of normal lug nuts. We carry chrome and even black 3/8” lug nuts in all shapes and sizes specially designed for lightweight aluminum tuner wheels. Match your new chrome nuts with a set of 3/8” wheel locks or use them to set off another finish and provide a striking contrast that will catch eyes. In addition to 3/8” Lug Nuts, we also carry 3/8” Wheel Locks along with valve stems, hub rings, lug nut washers and much, much more. Not only do these lug nuts look great and give your vehicle a slick, aftermarket look that sets it apart from the cookie-cutter versions of the same make and model, they can also give you added protection from scratches, dents, water damage and more. When it comes to 3/8” Chrome Nuts, we’re proud to sell lug nuts from great manufacturers such as Gorilla Auto, Excalibur and West Coast Wheel. Many with lifetime no-rust guarantees and a commitment to quality so big that they put their brand name on each of their lugs, these are the leading names in lug nuts and have been for over 30 years. In addition to chrome, you can find 3/8” lug nuts in black chrome, zinc finish and more for tuner enthusiasts.
No matter what modifications you make to your ride, you can trust Brandsport to give you top-brand parts and accessories at competitive prices. Our unique interface lets you tell us what you drive – then we’ll show you only correct lug nuts and wheel locks that fit just right. That’s less time spent browsing through some catalog of thousands of parts to find what you need. We stand behind our products with our signature no-hassle return policy, as well as the complete manufacturers’ warranty on everything we sell. Trust Brandsport to hook you up with the best 3/8” Lug Nuts & Wheel Locks – your car deserves it.
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