What can I expect once I have placed my order?

We receive orders 24 hours a day seven days a week. We typically process orders as they are received in our secure shopping cart between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. PST Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Once we receive your order, that's where we go to work;

You will receive an automated email order confirmation once you have placed your order which will;
1) Confirm receipt of your order.
2) Review additional payment information (if applicable).
3) Provide a link to your order status page.
4) Confirm all necessary details of your order.
Please note: You will not receive a printed packing list or invoice with your order. If you would like a printed record of your shipment(s), please feel free to print any and all e-mail notifications.

We will first review the following information included in your order;
1) Shipping and billing address information.
2) Credit card or payment information (your credit card will not be charged for any item until that item has been shipped).
3) Email address.
4) Shipping method selection.
5) Item selection, quantity and pricing information.
Please note: Pricing and/or discounts for all items are subject to change. However, we will notify you via email of any pricing and/or discount adjustments, which would result in a higher price, prior to processing your order.

If we do find any discrepancies in any of the order or item information contained in your order, we will;

1) Place your order on “Hold" status.**
2) Notify you (if necessary) via email, using the address provided on your order.
3) If the email address provided is incorrect, we will attempt to contact you by telephone using the number(s) provided.
**Please note: Do not be concerned if you do see your order on “Hold" status, as this is simply a tool we use to keep track of, and prioritize, certain orders. Generally speaking, orders placed on “Hold" are done so pending the confirmation of an items' availability.

We will make every effort to ship your items on or before the “availability estimate" listed on the item's order page and we will maintain an active email notification dialog with you during the entire process. The following may affect item availability and/or shipping estimates;

1) Any items found to be on hand in our warehouses may be shipped prior to the “availability" listed on the item's order page.
2) Any item(s) needing to be ordered from our warehouses or vendors will be placed on the same or the following business day upon our receipt of your order.
3) We may consolidate multiple items on the same order so that they may be shipped together in a single shipment. This may include delaying the shipment of a single (or multiple) item(s) until other items on the same order are available for shipment. Please note, we will not hold or delay any partial order item(s) past the original availability estimate unless instructed by you to do so.
4) On occasion, the manufacturer's product packaging may not be appropriate for shipping. In such a case, individual items and/or your entire order may be repackaged for shipment.
5) Any item which is not available from our warehouses or vendors through our normal order processes will be expedited, whenever possible, on your behalf at no additional cost to you.
6) Occasionally, items may be discontinued or otherwise unavailable from the manufacturer and/or our vendors. In this instance, we will cancel that item from your order and notify you of the cancellation. You will also receive a full and immediate refund for any cancelled items paid in advance of shipment.

You will be notified via email as follows;
1) You will be notified once we receive your order (automated).
2) You will also be notified any time your order status changes.
3) Once any items on your order are shipped, you will receive an email notice which will include a link for you to track your shipment with the carrier (if available).
4) You may receive an email notice from Yahoo! Shopping asking you to rank the level of service we have provided for you. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, so please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions, comments or concerns.