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GM Touch Up Paint

Dings, scratches, rust and dents. Those are all things that can happen suddenly to your GM car, truck or SUV. We understand how important your car is to you, and why something like a little nick in your carís paint can ruin your day. If you want to keep your paint looking fresh and shiny, all you have to do is keep some Chevy touch up paint in your glove box. Itís that simple. That way, when the unthinkable happens, you wonít be left in the dust. As soon as you spot the damage, you can quickly use your Chevrolet paint to correct it.
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Don't forget these great accessories to help make your touch up project a success!

Body Paint Repair Kit touch up paint micro brush set 3 pc touch up paint rust converter Touch up paint primer trim black trim touch up Paint Sprayers and Air Brushes Door Edge Guard Molding Fender Trim Molding

Every tube of Chev touch up paint, as well as Chevy spray paint, comes with a built-in agitator so you can shake it up before applying it. Each bottle also comes with an applicator brush for easy application. Our paint is high quality with a factory finish. Donít forget our other GMC paint accessories that will keep your vehicle looking bright and brand new. Keep your GM looking the best of its capability both on and off the road with the touch up products offered here through Brandsport. Donít just stop at paint repair, check out our trim pieces for your door and fender to keep all aspects of your Chevy looking the best. If you have any trouble finding any touch up product for your Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile or GMC, contact us so that we can help you try and find the product you need.