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Ever wish you had more torque when taking off stubborn lug nuts? Then you need the Gorilla Power Wrench! This isn?t your run of the mill lug wrench. The Gorilla lug wrench not only gives you the extra torque you demand when taking off a rusted on lug nut, it gives you up to 200% more torque than the standard lug wrench! The telescopic handle extends from 14 inches to 21 inches to give you extra twisting power when you need it while the black plastic grip prevents your hands from slipping. Simply pull the handle and you?re set! And, so you don?t have to buy one for every vehicle in your driveway, the Gorilla lug wrench comes with four socket sizes to accommodate virtually any foreign or domestic car, truck, van or SUV. One socket is designed to accept 17-mm and 19-mm (3/4-inch) lug nuts and the other can handle 21-mm (13/16-inch) and 23-mm (7/8-inch) lug nuts. Included with the Gorilla lug wrench and two sockets is a black vinyl bag with a snap closure to keep your Power Wrench and sockets together and easy to find. When done, simply push the end of the wrench back into the handle and put it and the lug nut socket back into the bag. Not only are these Gorilla lug wrenches easy to use, the hardened steel construction ensures they?re built to last. Plus, not only does this lug nut wrench accept the sockets that come with it, it also accepts other 1/2-inch drive sockets as well. You can use the amazing torque of the Gorilla power wrench on almost any super-stuck bolt or nut! If you?ve ever wrestled with a lug nut that won?t budge, busted your knuckles using a star-style lug wrench or are tired of the small lug wrenches that come from the factory from your vehicle then you?ll appreciate the extra torque and convenience of the Gorilla Power Wrench!
  • Replaces Standard Lug Wrenches
  • Fits Multiple Lug Nut Sizes
  • Fits SAE Sizes 3/4", 13/16" & 7/8"
  • Fits Metric Sizes 17mm, 19mm, 21mm & 23mm
  • Fits Foreign & Domestic Vehicles
  • Accepts Other 1/2" Drive Sockets
  • Handle Extends Form 14" to 22"
  • Hardened Steel Construction
  • Set Includes 2 dual 1/2" Drive Sockets
  • Includes Storage Bag
  • Color~ChromeDrive~1/2"End Type~1/2" SquareFinish~Chrome Plated (High luster)Fitment~Fits all 1/2" Drive SocketsLength~14" - 20"Material~Hardened Steel ConstructionOutside Diameter~1.19" (1-3/16", 30mm)(Rubber Grip)Quantity~Sold IndividuallyThickness~0.63" (5/8", 15.9mm)(Lower Shaft)Type~Telescoping HandleKit Includes~1 Lug Wrench w/Telescoping Handle, 2 Thin Wall Flip Sockets, 1 storage bag.Socket Details~17mm & 19mm (3/4") Hex (1/2" Drive, #1734SKT), 21mm (13/16") & 23mm (7/8") Hex (1/2" Drive, #1378SKT)Storage Bag (#PWB1) Dimensions~15-1/2" Long x 4-1/2" Wide
    w/Dual Sockets
    Gorilla Brand
    End Type
    1/2" Square
    Chrome Plated (High luster)
    Fits all 1/2" Drive Sockets
    14" - 20"
    Hardened Steel Construction
    Outside Diameter
    1.19" (1-3/16", 30mm)(Rubber Grip)
    Sold Individually
    0.63" (5/8", 15.9mm)(Lower Shaft)
    Telescoping Handle
    Kit Includes
    1 Lug Wrench w/Telescoping Handle, 2 Thin Wall Flip Sockets, 1 storage bag.
    Socket Details
    17mm & 19mm (3/4") Hex (1/2" Drive, #1734SKT), 21mm (13/16") & 23mm (7/8") Hex (1/2" Drive, #1378SKT)
    Storage Bag (#PWB1) Dimensions
    15-1/2" Long x 4-1/2" Wide