Gorilla® Thin Wall Flip Socket 17mm & 19mm (3/4") Dual Flip Socket Sold Individually #1734SKT


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Each dual socket is made from hardened steel and features a nice, chrome finish With it, the Power Wrench becomes a formidable lug nut wrench that can remove the most stubborn of 17mm, 19mm and 3/4-inch lug nuts Deep inside the socket well you can see the square, 1/2-inch acceptor which fits snugly over the end or the Gorilla Power Wrench Whether it?s lost or you didn?t order a Gorilla Power Wrench that came with one, if you want or need the 17mm/19mm dual socket here?s your chance to get it! The dual socket was made by Gorilla to fit onto the Power Wrench Help you Power Wrench become the monster lug nut wrench it can be with the 17mm/19mm Gorilla dual socket You can rest assured Gorilla dual sockets are just as rough and ready as their other auto accessories As proof of its quality and durability the Gorilla name is stamped onto the outside just above the socket size
  • Nice chrome finish
  • Hardened steel construction
  • Fits 1/2" drive
  • For Gorilla Power Wrench lug nut wrenches
  • One end fits 17mm, other fits 19 mm (3/4")
  • Fits 17mm, 19mm & 3/4" lug nuts
  • Color~ChromeDrive~1/2"End Type~17mm||19mm (3/4") HexFinish~Chrome Plated (High luster)Head~SquareLength~2.1" (2-3/32", 5.34cm)Material~Hardened SteelOutside Diameter~1.1" (1-7/64", 27.94mm)Quantity~Sold IndividuallyStyle~Flip Style Dual Socket
    17mm, 19mm, 3/4"
    Gorilla Brand
    End Type
    17mm||19mm (3/4") Hex
    Chrome Plated (High luster)
    2.1" (2-3/32", 5.34cm)
    Hardened Steel
    Outside Diameter
    1.1" (1-7/64", 27.94mm)
    Sold Individually
    Flip Style Dual Socket