How to find a vehicle's paint code?

Find your vehicles Touch up Paint Code

We here at Brandsport understand that you would want to keep your car's color exactly the same when you go for a repaint. The human eye cannot easily differentiate between minute differences in color, and we can't help that. What we can do is help you find your car's paint code numbers. These paint color codes are linked to manufacturer-specified colors, so if you know your car's manufacturer and paint codes, then you can get exactly the color you want. Automotive paint codes are usually printed on your car's VIN plate or label. However, manufacturers differ in where they place these plates or labels, and even the formats change over the years. However, if you know where to look for the vehicle paint codes and identification numbers, your search for the paint codes is half done.

Your vehicles Touch up paint color code will be found on your vehicles VIN plate or label. See below on locations of Touch up paint color codes.

Chrysler l Ford l GM l Imports l Touch up paint

Chrysler - Dodge - Plymouth Touch Up Paint code locations

Ford - Lincoln - Mercury Touch Up Paint code locations

Ford Touch up paint

Buick - Cadillac -Chevy - GMC - Oldsmobile - Pontiac Touch Up Paint code locations

chevy touch up paint and GMC touch up paint

Import Vehicle Touch Up Paint code locations

There may be only one paint code, or there may be two. It depends on how the manufacturer painted the vehicle – whether it was a single block color or two layered colors for a special effect. Here at Brandsport we provide a few diagrams showing the usual locations for the paint codes and VIN. These diagrams are not perfect, but they should cover most cases and help you find what you need. Remember that your car's user manual will include where to find your VIN, and by extension the automotive paint code for your car. If you are really having trouble finding it, feel free to let us know how we can help you further.