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Gator Grip Sockets

The Gator Grip socket is one of the most innovative nut and bolt remover products on the market to date. This popular universal socket key promises to safely and easily remove any fastener, nut, bolt or hook of any size or shape. The lug nut master key’s unique retractable steel rods form to fit almost any type of fastener, so you can replace hundreds of other tools with this single, practical lug nut key. The individually spring loaded pins conform to various shapes, including wing nuts, hex nuts, eye screws, cup hooks, square nuts and more. This fast and practical tool can be used on cars, motorcycles, RVs and bikes. Plus, it connects to power drills and screwdrivers alike, so you can use it for high-speed removal or installation.

Removing damaged, stripped and rusted nuts and bolts is no problem with the Endeavor Tool Gator Grip, since it’s constructed with hardened steel and chrome, so it’s sturdy and durable enough to resist up to 400-foot-pounds of torque. This tool is suitable for thousands of applications, from the garage to the home to the construction site. Uses for the Gator Grip include small-scale projects like fixing a kitchen sink, and large-scale operations like repairing a vehicle. The appeal of the Gator Grip is that you won’t need to bother with changing the socket with every fastener, making all of your repair projects completely simple and hassle free. We offer two types of Gator Grip sockets, a 3/4-inch Gator Grip and a 1 and 1/4-inch Gator Grip to help you change the way you think about the universal socket. This tool is meant to help you save time and money by streamlining all of your toolbox essentials into one pocket-sized necessity.