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Hex/Allen Head Wheel Lock Keys

Our hex lug nut keys are specially designed to help you easily and safely remove tuner lug nuts and bolts from your wheels without scratching or damaging the surface of your rims. We also offer universal allen heads to help you remove or adjust lug nuts in seconds without damaging materials or stripping the lug nuts. Our selection of tuner lug nut heads by brands like Gorilla are made with the highest quality metals available, and most are made of cold-forged, heat-treated, hardened steel, ensuring that they won’t crack, chip or break on you. We offer a universal, semi-custom lug nut wrench that suits most Gorilla High Tech Hex lug nuts and other nuts, but be sure to check each page’s specifications for most accurate measurements.

Hex Lug nut key, Wheel lock key - Gorilla® # 1921XLKEY
Hex Wheel Lock Key - Gorilla® # 1921XLKEY2R
Hex Lug nut key, Wheel lock key - Gorilla® # 1719XLKEY
Hex Wheel Lock Key - Gorilla® # 1719XLKEY2R
Hex Lug nut key, Wheel lock key - Custom Wheel Accessories® # 6664XL
Hex Lug nut key, Wheel lock key - Gorilla® # 2178KEY

Our selection of lug nut tuner heads feature dual head designs that match most lug nuts, so you can get one single key for use on most lug nuts and bolts. Plus, we carry extended length wheel lock keys that keep your wrench at a safe distance from your wheels to prevent scratches and maximize force and control. These durable keys come in varying sizes to match your Gorilla brand or other lug nuts and bolts, so you get a simple solution for your wheel and lock key needs. Here at Brandsport, we’re committed to offering tons of valuable information to help you determine which lug nuts and wheel locks suit the characteristics of your vehicle. Using the thread pitch, thread size and seat type, you can nail down exactly which lug nut or wheel lock is ideal for your car.